Nick Pride & The Pimptones : Midnight Feast of Jazz
Album Kindly Submitted by Sonic Rendezvous
Style : Jazz
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Soul Jazz is one of the crossover genres that seem to flourish again these days. Fat grooves, smooth arrangements and dance floor fillers in loungy clubs are hip again and for these Newcastle hip cats things couldn’t be better.

Midnight Feast of Jazz of however combines more then only soul, but throws in some Latin grooves as well. “Hug Lorenzo” is a good example of that. Some soul, some Bossa Nova and a great portion of Jazz makes from this track an outstanding cut. "Midnight Feast Of Jazz" and "Mia Sorella" take us deeper into dance-floor jazz territory as we know it from the mid sixties. More exciting sounds can be found on Lay it on the Line, featuring Zoe Gilby. This one comes with a sleeky atmosphere that brings in memories of great spy-fi films form the past. If not, it really evokes images of clubs with scantly clad women and overweighed gangsters. On Brighter Day, the second track with vocals on it, this time featuring Susan Hamilton, a great drum and bass mood is never far away. Closing down the album is the equally good track “Hot Doggin’ “. Think Booker T. meets The Pink Panther and you have a firm match of what this tune is about.

Midnight Feast of Jazz" is the first official full-length album for these Newcastle lads and includes 10 tracks to be proud of. Quite welcome on a cocktail party, these guys are certainly capable of throwing a party in your living room as well as in the town hall of your city. Don’t think twice, just order it now.

Mr. Blue Boogie