The Good intentions: Someone else’s time : CD;0002;Borganda Records
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Bluegrass
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Drenched in old Americana music, the good intentions bring on their second album again a collection of songs that dates back to the time of your ancestors.
Old – time music from bluegrass, hillbilly to plain folk songs are recorded for your pleasure on this album.

If you are a fan of Emmylou Harris or if you dig gram Parsons then you certainly will feel a weak spot for this album. And although this album sounds like a soundtrack for travelling the highways through the southern states the band originates from Liverpool in the UK. But you can’t deny it when listening to this recording that there is a lot of Nashville in it. Thanks to some recordings sessions in the US and with the help of some great musicians like Brantley Kearns, ( Dwight Yoakam) , David Jackson (with Emmylou Harris, John Denver), additional vocals from Erice Brace, and guitar, mandolin, and dobro from Rick Shea, who also produced the album the sound of the album is truly rich in many aspects. Take a good listen to tracks like “The cold wind”, “Everybody’s love a drinking man” or “Black train” and you know that this is a soundtrack for the old times.

Mr. Blue Boogie