Gary Hunn and The Wayward Angels : Dust & Gin Cd;UTAH831;True Faith Pty
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Country
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The Music on Dust & Gin evokes images of the Southern States. Old school country music, complete with pedal steel, a Stetson, big Trucks, Longhorns and acres of hayfields. A nice mental picture for sure, but I hat to disappoint you. While the sound is typical a country sound with everything on it, the man himself write and performs from down under, from Queensland to be precise.

But despite that little geographical fact, Gary Hunn plays country in the style of Merle Haggard! For ten tracks long his sound and music is quite enjoyable and, thank god, most of them are nice up-tempo tracks. I dig country in all styles but I could never find any appreciation for Male country singers who performed those typical ballads and tearjerkers . Fortunate Mr. Hunn veers away from that. Another fortunate fact is that he works in the good old tradition of an artist and writes all tunes by himself. Hunn is not a performer but an artist pur-sang.
Dust & Gin is the perfect outfit for of you who dig some good old fashioned country from a man who seem to know the troubles of live.

Mr. Blue Boogie