Scotty Alan : Wreck And the Mess – CD;SR142;Spinout Records
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Style : Americana
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Stating out as a punk rocker, Scotty Allan used to deliver his message in songs no longer then 84 seconds, for “Wreck and The Mess” he did change that attitude a bit as well as his musical style. Produced by Bernie Larsen (Lucinda Williams, Rickee Lee Jones, Jackson Brown) Alan brings you a 15 track record that clocks in under 45 mins and tells us the story of a relationship going bad. The story starts out reflecting on the good days (Remember when I was your hero) over downright despair, self-deprecation and cynicism. Recorded in California with musicians who used to work with Ry Cooder, Bob Dylan, The Eels, Warren Zevon and tons of others this album is technically close to perfection. Add to that the help of Niko Bolas (Neil Young) and Richard Dodd (Roy Orbison, Tom Petty) and you know what you are in for. Reminiscent to the first revival of the nineties with traces of folk and country influences mixed into his singer-songwriter repertoire this man brings back good memories to bands like the Waterboys or names like Paul Westerberg.

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