Stolen Rhodes : Falling of the Edge – CD;
Album Kindly Submitted by Mike Farley for Michael J Media Group
Style : Rock
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When spinning the debut album of the Stolen Rhodes I can’t resist bringing up some Southern Rock names. Sure the Allman Brothers Band are the first (listen to Blue Sky) but also the rocking Molly Hatchet (Keeps Up Moving), Elvin Bishop Band, Alabama or the Marshall Tucker Band are passing by. Still “The Stolen Rhodes” are much more, even Paul rogers which is totally not Southern Rock is on my mind.

Sure they are influenced by old music and it’s clearly they are influenced big by it but still the band has something fresh to add to that old touch. They claim for themselves they are not interested in being a classic rock tribute band. One never knows what the future will bring but I’m pretty sure we are going to hear more and different influences on future recordings.

Tracks like Peacemaker, Blue Sky, the lazy Freight Train or One Day Everyday are certainly amongst the better tunes on this nine-track album. Each of them is self penned and shows the craftsmanship of these music students. A must have for lovers of the southern sound!

Mr. Blue Boogie