Oh My Darling : Sweet Nostalgia – CD;OMD-04
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Bluegrass
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The girls band “Oh My Darling” from Canada will of course evoke a lot of memories to that other all female country band: the Dixie Chicks. With a major influence from folk & Bluegrass it is not that strange as well. The Girls are all gifted with beautiful voices but above all they all know how to master their instruments! Add some song writing skills to that as well and you have an album that is worthwhile to add to your library.

From leading track Anna K. On towards the end of the album these girls bring you a great mix of folk and country. Traditional like “Roustabout” or “Fly Around” are added to this album as well as the French Cajun song “Ma Belle”. Inspired by these classic country, Appalachian old time, bluegrass and francophone traditional music, the songs of Oh My Darling are strikingly original and in that sense the band wrote six tunes themselves. Three from the hand of Rosalyn Denett and three from the mind of Vanessa Kuzina. The Total outcome is again a great album and although their previous efforts were already gold winning albums this one is even better if you ask me. The band hasn’t been in Belgium yet but hopefully we can greet these Canadians real quick on a stage nearby!

Mr. Blue Boogie.