Lowlands : Beyond – CD;Gypsychild Records; GC05
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Americana
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Only weeks ago we presented the tribute album a Better World coming and here is already a new album by Italian folk/rockers Lowlands. The band creates on “Beyond” a sound that is a s diverse as listening to Bruce Springsteen (Hail Hail) as Green Day (Angel Visions) ; from folk ballads towards punk rock and back to Americana you’ll find many different disguises on this album for Edward Abiatti and his band.

Reminiscing to Wilco or even better Green on Red, the band gives you in ten self penned songs a good album with a handful of great tracks. Produced by Joey Huffmann from Asylum, the band gives away their always-flirting position with punk rock, folk and Americana.
Amongst the tunes I spinned most where “Ashes”, “Down On New Street” and the rocking “Homeward Bound”!

Lowlands shows us once more that we can’t ignore them and there is no reason why we should do so.

Mr; Blue Boogie