JJ Schultz : Carolina – CDE;
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Americana
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Carolina is already the fourth alum of JJ Schultz who builds his sound as singer songwriter on a mixture of Folk and country. For eight tunes long Schultz shows us again his capabilities as singer songwriter. Done on a very personal way, often only accompanied by his guitar the man creates an atmosphere that is quite common, yet unique in its own way. Leading track “Cleveland” is certainly one of those tunes to remember. Another one that is most impressing is the title track of the album. “Carolina“ is over six minutes long and comes with a haunting atmosphere that makes you silent from the very first note of this track. In the background you’ll hear the Hammond organ of Danny Eisenberg, best known for his work with Jonathan Richman and Ryan Adams. “On Karma come Early” Schulzz throws in a more modern sound while on “Houston” he is a true troubadour.

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