Rosemary’s Garden : Royal Flush – CD;Mellow Boy Records;
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Rock
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Inspired by Charles Bukowski’s book “Women”, Michael-Louis De Terre, created ten tracks about love, sex and women for his new album the Royal Flush. The band that originates from L.A. brings with the Royal Flush his second installment, one that is totally different from their debut album. Where as the first album was quite dark, this one is full of up-tempo tunes and comes with huge hard rock/Rock and Roll atmosphere.

On “August” (she’s the one) they even sounds a bit like the Rollin Stones, but in general their sound is one of rough blues-rock with some roots influences. A typical example of this sound can be found on “Jack” that owes as much to ACDC as to George Thorogood. My first impression when I heard this album was actually the Replacements. I don’t know why but it was without doubt the voice of De Terre combined with the rebel sound that led me this way. Another tune that is worthwhile your attention is the ballad like “Stop this Beating of my heart”. It is also the only moment of tranquility you’ll get on this CD as the band quickly moves on to more rockin’ songs like the excellent “Queen of the Harpies” and “King”. Less rocking but equally good are “Hysterical Hysteria” (about the invention of the vibrator) and “Completely Beyond Me”. The album closes with “Cmon Cmon” maybe not the best tune of the album but still good enough to mention.

Royal Flush is a first class rock album that really marks a the quality of leader/producer De Terre. A five star inclusion without doubt.

Mr. Blue Boogie.