Gary Hall : Winning Ways on Losing Streaks – CD; Northern Sun Recordings ;NSRCD 00613
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Country
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From Northern England comes a singer songwriter with a mission …making good music. A mission that started in 1989 and that since that day never has ended. Over the years he changed the UK of the US, returned to the UK after some years and a hand full of albums later and finally took up his guitar again in 2011. After a hiatus of fifteen years Gary created in 2011 his first sol recording in the new millennium. Today I have his follow up in my hands; “Winning Ways on Losing Streaks “.

Gary Hall has something that makes me think of Jimmy Buffet. Five O’ clock somewhere or Margerittaville are never far away on this album, but also Gram Parsons and touches of Dylan are to be found on this album. Leading track “The Feelgood Factory Blues” puts immediately the right atmosphere for this album in your speakers. A country Smile makes it even better but it is on “The Enemy within” that you really hear the how good this artist really is. A further listening does includes songs like “A Small Price” , “Still My Reason Why” and “One Step Ahead of the Blues”.

A country album as country is intended to be!

Mr. Blue Boogie