Tony McLoughlin : The contender – CD;Wild Eye Records.
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Style : Americana
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Hailing from Ireland, but recording all over the world, MCLouglin produces a well balanced Americana album that is able to kick some ass on the good rocking tunes as well as become subtle and gentle on the ballads.

Born in Ireland, McLoughlin, recorded his debut in Germany, for his third album he went to Nashville and for “Ride The Wind” his previous effort he returned to his Irish roots. The Contender is not only again produced by Ben Reel, who helmed “Ride The Wind” but also the rhythm section of the album returns to help him.

For thirteen self-penned songs long Tony Mcloughlin rocks away the blues and brings you some good a rocking Americana songs with a dash of country. Title track”The Contender” is such a tune. “Harlan Road” makes it even better with a sound that equals a Bruce Springsteen on a good day. On “Moonshadows” he brings you one of his subtle ballads, reminiscing the Dire Straits from years ago.

The contender surely is an album that will please a lot of people. It’s an nice and easy album that quickly gets under your skin and gently asks for another spin.

Mr. Blue Boogie