Esquela Band : Are We Rolling – CD;Bovina Records.
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Blues
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Hailing from NY, The Esquela Band is the haven for Chico Finn and his band. Fronting the group is singer Rebecca Frame who does posses a bright yet powerful voice that certainly is appealing for the kind of music the band is playing. And it’s that typical kind of music I like to discuss here : Roots Rock. Drenched in part blues, a dip of boogie, lot’s of rock and roll and tons of other ingredients this band brings you a solid rocking, roots rock album simply called “Are We Rocking”. Helming the project is nobody else then Eric Ambel, formerly from the Del-Lords a band that impressed me a lot. (Actually for the Del Lords Fan, I can tell you they have a new album out, the first one in 23 years)

Are We Rolling, gives you a good and happy go lucky sound with their catchy blues, harmony vocals and dynamic crossover between rock & blues. Songs like “Free Beer”, “Genesee Fever” or the rock ballad “No Questions” will certainly get under your skin after listening a couple of times.

Mr. Blue Boogie