Emily Herring: Your Mistake Ė CD;
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Country
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For those of you who ever made it to Texas and much more specifically The Texas Hills region, might know the feeling I get when I hear an artist like Emily Herring. Maybe itís the water in the Guadalupe River or the sunny days full of dance and good times, but there is something special about the people and the music in that area.

The Sound of Emily her new album gives away what I Ďm talking about. Itís country, but in a different way. This San Marcos based angel, sings with ease about Austin (Austin Ainít Got No city Limits) , Clifton Chenier and Lone Star Beer(One Sip of Water), A love like a ghost town (Terlingua) or the Lord (Stifling Itís Sound).

Good old rocking Country with a dip of Tejana from the region between San Antonio & Austin. A beautiful country album and a must have for all of you who love the lifestyle.

Mr. Blue Boogie