DB. Rielly : Cross My Heart and Hope to Die – CD;
Style : Americana
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Cross My Heart, is the follow up album for D.B Rielly who debuted with Love Potions & Snake Oil a good year ago. Love Potions & Snake Oil attracted some attention to us when we received this CD not in least for it’s packaging. And I know the music is much more important then the package, but believe me the eye is always in for something different as well. For Cross My Heart and Hope to Die, D.B. Rielly, again came up with a good concept of packaging. And as a bonus you’ll get yourself a great album full of good music as well.

Filled with ten excellent tracks nine self penned and one rendition of a classic tune, “Cross My Heart and Hope to Die” is an excellent album that spans a whole range of genres in the roots section. Leading track “Turn The Page” is an original tune by Bob Seger and goes into the classic country direction. Followed by “Wrapped Around your Little Finger” which is a Cajun tune. Diversity enough on this excellent album. Tunes like “Come Hell Or High Water” or “Your Doggin' Fool“ are singer songwriter tunes in the heart of the tradition while “It's Gonna Be Me” comes with an electric edge. To add full circle on the many genres, the closing tune of the album “True Heart” comes with a handful of Celtic and folk influences.

Cross My heart and Hope to die isn’t a mixed bag as you might start to think, but a solid album that take you on a interesting journey full of great discoveries. Again, this artist has given me a good album and provided me together with his previous album, of almost 2 hours of returning quality time…something that is rather exceptional these days.

Mr. Blue Boogie