Eastwick : Beyond Reason – CD;eastw02;
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Style : Americana
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Hailing from the Northern parts of Sweden, Eastwick consists of four very different musicians. Citing such separate influences as U2, Def Leppard, John Mellencamp, Willie Nile, Hooters, Robert Fripp and Stanley Brothers, they manage to blend their efforts into something truly original.

A previous album, “a Moment from Now”, was already reviewed on Billybop earlier this year and with “Beyond Reason”, the band builds a nice continuation to this sophomore release. Well maybe not exactly a continuation since in big contradiction to “A Moment From Now” “Beyond Reason” doesn’t contain any covers. But it still contains the class and the quality you could find on the first album. Leading track “Trash” is a would be rock anthem, “Up for the ride” sounds like a 100% Texas country radio song while on “Closer”, the band turns themselves into a UK folk/pop ensemble. “That’s all I know is “a modern folk tune while “Wrong Will Be Right” tries to find a place as a protest song. On “Grind You down” they sound like an unplugged version of a hard rock band.

Eastwick, is by all means a great band full of surprises. If it is in their choice of cover versions, the name-dropping while talking about influences or the excellent albums full of great songs, it’s always a pleasure to explore a new Eastwick album.

Mr. Blue Boogie