Jenai Huff : Grace and Elbow Grease – Cd;Jenai Huff music
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Americana
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About a good year ago, Jenai Huff released her debut album “Transitions” an eleven-track album filled with cover versions. Today, we’ll find the new Jenai Huff in our mailbox called “Grace and Elbow Grease”.

The six tracks EP that I hold in my hands today is one filled with self-penned compositions. Helped out by some friends Jenai Huff delivers a good album filled with tunes that hold the middle of Americana, and Folk. Describing her sound takes me immediately to a band like the Walkabouts. Timid, laid Back, relaxing…it all comes to my mind but also words like interesting, fascinating and captivating are quite good words to describe the sound and music on this EP. Leading track “Grace and Elbow Grease” and “Come Home” are amongst my favourites, but also “Just Like Me” is worth your attention.

Mr. Blue Boogie