Phill Gammage : Adventures in bluesland - Cd;World Wide Vibe
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Blues
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“Adventures in bluesland” is already the eight album of Phil Gammage. Originally a punk rocker from Texas, Phil moved to NY and started to write and perform Americana and Blues music. For adventures in Bluesland, he recorded 13 tracks of which some cover versions. Amongst these you’ll find great renditions of “Trying to Get you “(Elvis Presley), “In the Pines “(Trad.), “La Grange” (ZZ Top) and “Help Me” (Sonny boy Williamson) amongst others. But also his own compositions are worth to mention. Take a good listen to “What Tomorrow Brings”, “Lay Me Down Low” and “Hanging On To You” to assure yourself of the quality of this bluesman.

Adventures in Bluesland isn’t perfect, far from; but that’s the beauty of it. Some songs immediately get under your skin while others need to grow on you but in all essence this is a great album.

Mr. Blue Boogie