Achilles Wheel: Stones To Sand – CD;AWR 105;Achilles Wheel Records
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Americana
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From Rock to Latin and African Rhythms, Country Blues to Delta Blues, Gospel to Folk ballad, this new album by Achilles Wheel really has it all. Add to that a fresh, unique and energetic attitude and you have the perfect combination for a Sunday afternoon party.

“Stone To Sand”, the new Achilles Wheel, opens with a more or less traditional tune, but from the second song on the band moves on into different directions. “From the Fire” incorporates some Latin flavors. On “Heal My soul” it’s Gospel & Blues and with “Let the Dream Begin” we even go into college radio territory only to surprise everyone with some Zouk-influenced guitars on “She’ll Wait”. “We Dreamed of Flying Cars”, is one of the stronger tunes on the album, but that doesn’t mean that the rest isn’t worth your attention. Take for instance “Everybody Gets The Blues Sometimes” or “Celebrate Today”, both are drenched deep in the blues, but are able to add something to the genre, instead of being a copy of it. For those of you who appreciate Grateful Death or The Allman Brothers Band.

Mr. Blue Boogie