Ani Difranco : Allergic to Water – Cd;Pro20791;Righteous babe records
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Americana
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Difranco makes all kinds of music from punk, towards folk, from rock to electro pop and over the past 20 years she delivered a bunch of albums of which some are good and others are quite good.

Songs of Difranco are almost always about the unfair side of our society, about equal rights for each and everything and yes...the environment as well, what you had in mind? On “Allergic to water” the songs are a bit different. Instead of the usual theme’s Difranco brings you twelve tunes about love for he partner and her children. The songs are often optimistic and that is also quite new for an Ani Difranco album. Amongst the tunes on this album I found some that are quite good, not to say better then en rest. Check out “Harder Than It Needs To Be”, “Happy All The Time” and “Still My Heart” and you know I’m right. But in all honesty it’s only a matter of taste as each tune on this album is dedicated to quality and had perfectionism as middle name.

Mr. Blue Boogie