Ben Rabb : Until it’s gone – Cd;
Album Kindly Submitted by Mike Farley for Micheal J Media Group
Style : Americana
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Ben Rabb is a Midwestern, but moved to New York after doing some city hopping due to different job offers. When he arrived in NY one of the first things he did was going to a songwriter’s circle. The skills he had been working on since he was kid, suddenly moved up a couple of degrees. He quickly became a member of the folk community and started to gig in the circuit soon after.

Until It’s gone is has become a mini album portraying the strong voice of Ben Rabb. Songs about his experiences moving to NY, trying to make sense of his new life and since NY is the city that never sleeps, it is also a muse that never sleeps. In six songs Ben Rabb take you with him into his world, for 23 minutes long this man walks you into his live, this thoughts, his fears and his hopes. An excellent business card and hopefully a sign of what we might expect in the future.

Mr. Blue Boogie.