Lords Of Altamont : Lords Take Altamont
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Style : Rock
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The Lords of Altamont are a rock and roll band hailing from Los Angeles, California. The band combines sounds and influences from the 60s Garage and Psychedelic Rock, American Punk Rock, British Rhythm and Blues and Glam combined with a B-movie biker image.

Lords Take Altamont is their third album on Gearhead Records and although the band had numerous personnel changes over the years, it seems that they most of these changes went in a friendly matter as many of the ex-lords of Altamonts are contributing today to this 15-years Anniversary album. The band is revisting the historical event from which they draw their name, The Altamont Free Concert of 1969 and takes classics by Jefferson Airplane, Santana, the Flying Burrito Brothers, CSN and, of course, the Rolling Stones. They re-imagines and re-interprets them as only they can for maximum sonic impact but are at the same time paying homage to the definitive end of The Summer of Love.

The result 13 octane driven tunes for your unqualified pleasure, including such classics as Jingo, Gime Shelter, 3/5 of a Mile in 10 seconds,Black Queen,Sympathy for the devil and Stray Cat Blues to name but a few. As you can imagine, all tunes are trully reworked and revisted in a manner that only fit the Lords of Altemond atitdude. A real pleasure if you ask meand a quintessential piece in The Lords legacy.

Mr. Blue Boogie