ODi : Maslow’s Songbook – CD
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Americana
Rate (1-5) :

Sometimes an album deserves or need a rebirth. Maslow’s Songbook is such an album. Originally released in 2010, the debut album of Irish singer / songwriter Claire Odlum aka ODi has stayed under the radar for the past years. That’s not only quite unfortunate for Claire but also for us, since we have been missing on a good album for the past years.

Maslow’s songbook is a 100% Americana album where almost every song is quite strong and only a few feel like they are a bit less interesting. Yet the complete outcome is a solid album that toys around with the classic interests of song writing.
While each tune on the complete album deserves a good review I’ll focus on the last album track for Maslow’s Songbook simply because it give away the power of the band. “Maslow’s Love Song” brings together many genres and proves how strong the voice of Claire Odlum is. The song starts out as quiet singer songwriters tune but bursts out in the middle into full instrumentation and ends like a good gothic rock song. While it is a tune that is quite different than the other tunes, it’s an excellent showcase for ODi.

Mr. Blue Boogie