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The Bullfight is a Dutch band, but they certainly doesnít sound like a Dutch band at all. In its best itís PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen having a vaudeville party, in its worst itís the same gang having a hangover from their party. The Bullfight is not a band that serves you some easy, catchy pop songs. They bring however sophisticated songs with a strong tradition for the old European sounds and styles never the less, sophisticated doesnít mean difficult.

As mentioned before, the vaudeville sound, the burlesque certainly is a big part of it but itís more then a circus or stage act. La Chasse is the soundtrack for an old-fashioned freak show. Some country and folk influences, together with a series of weird samples and blood-soaked lyrics forms the recipe for their intelligent music. The Bullfight might sound strange and will certainly not please everyone but they are also the best Dutch act around these days if you ask me.

Somehow Iíll keep thinking on the Nits when listening to La Chasse, Iíll know that both bands are hard to compare and their musical styles and influences are miles away from each other, yet on La Chasse they come with the same kind of flair as the Nits did on Adieu Sweet Banhoff. Donít miss out on this band.

--- Pat ---