Peter Blachley : Nevada Sky – CD;
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Country
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Amongst the many genres I love, I’m still a sucker for good old country music. Not the line dancing pop-tunes, but the really country sound from the west and the south. Nevada Sky from Peter Blachley is such an album that really makes my day. It has that certain feeling that you’ll find on some, but certainly not on all country records. Especially the older artists had that same mood, but somehow it’s gone on many albums these days.

One of the standout tracks on Nevada Sky is “Angelina”. Here you’ll understand what I mean with that certain atmosphere that is lost these days. “I’ll Call your Name” is the only cover on the album. The original was done by Willy Deville and believe me this version is as good as the original. Mr. Deville would be proud! Side two of this album kicks of with a tune that without doubt is one of the best ones on this album. Like Music, Like fire, is a mid tempo tune with a soul feel on which the voice of Peter Blachley really fits the sound. “I was dreaming” follows a bit the same path as the previous track and “Summer Love” throws in some sixties pop elements. The latter is the strangest track on the album, but somehow it works out for me.

Nevada Sky isn’t the most consistent album, but as said in the introduction, it comes with a certain atmosphere that I really dig. I’ll hope you like it as well.

Mr. Blue Boogie