Boy=Girl : Boy = Girl CD;
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Style : Americana
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Boy Equals Girl is the product of power duo Paul Kovac & Jen Maurer. Both successful bandleaders, with international touring experience on their own, Jen (Mo' Mojo) and Paul (Hillbilly Idol) bring together their understanding and appreciation of American music. Being Multi Instrumentalists and having a serious sense of song-writing the couple succeed on Boy equal Girl to create a very interesting album, filled with twelve originals, one traditional and three covers.

Their sweet harmony vocals and multi-instrumental skills are the basics for this album, a basis that is not only solid, but damn interesting as well. Jen has a background in Cajun and Zydeco while Paul has been known for his work in Western Swing, Jazz and other styles. Together they perform their music in an old time style with hints of Bluegrass and traditional American Folk.

Boy Equals Girl comes with a certain laid back atmosphere that I really can appreciate and is an album that I can recommend to all of you.

Mr. Blue Boogie