Whelan : The Story of Ike Dupree – CD;002;Presidio Records
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Blues
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Whelan found its origin back in 2013, when singer, songwriter, bandleader Sid Whelan decided to create a band. Within months the first album was delivered. The first of a trilogy, but somehow Sid changed his minds and focused first on a concept blues album about Ike Dupree. Ike is not an actual person, but a figment of his imagination. Living in New Orleans, during the time of Hurricane Katrina, Ike not a saint himself, comes across some police officers who are not always correct and do accepts bribes for a change.

The album is not a authentic blues album, but must be seen as a tribute to the great masters of blues, jazz and funk. If you listen to “Every time I see Her” it’s undeniable you hear some Muddy Waters in this song. Or check out “Ice Water” where James Brown isn’t far away. On title the track, another funky blues track, you’ll get some voodoo magic injected in your player. “The Story of Ike Dupree” is by the way one of the hot picks of this album. Pure blues in a Sonny Terry style can be found on “To Cold Ohio Blues” and “Blues Said Old Man” throws is the aforementioned jazz tribute. “Blues Said Old Man” is by the way another hot pick on this album.

The Story of Ike Dupree is a very good blues album, with lots of references to our musical heroes. On top of that Sid Whelan is not only paying tribute to them but also working with one of them. Or at least someone who helped to shape the sound of our heroes: Fred Wesley. Wesley who worked with James Brown and learned his tricks at the Count Basie Band is responsible for the groovy and funky horns on this album. It’s the same Fred Wesley who worked with Parliament and Funkadelic…hence the funk influences on The Story of Ike Dupree.

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