Various Artists : Singer Songwriters From Home
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Americana
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Peter Holmstedt from Hemifran is without doubt legendary amongst the fans of singer-songwriter music. If not he certainly will become their hero within no time. What he does for promoting Americana, folk, blues and roots related music is beyond words! Amongst the many actions he does, he also produces compilations albums every now and then. Recently he produced and released “Singer Songwriters From Home” a compilation album focusing on four singer-songwriters. The album is not available in the shops as far as I know but it is a vehicle to promote and spread the music Hemifran is working with. Greg Copeland, Keith Miles, Bob Cheevers and Barry Ollman are the artists included on this album and while each of them is certainly worth your attention; Bob Cheevers became my personal favourite on this album. “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is one of those songs I simply can’t forget. Also his “Test of Fire” is a keeper.
Also Quit interesting is a track by Copeland. Greg Copeland throws in a live version of Pretty Girl Rules the World, best known in de version of David Lindley. The latter did of course make me diggin’ for the David Lindley album Mr. David. Next to the those mentioned you’ll find many other great tunes on this compilation, and that is what it is all about on Hemifran : Great Music.

Mr. Blue Boogie