Eli Barsi : Portrait of a Cowgirl Ė CD;RTIR 13001;Red Truck International Records
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Country
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Portrait of a Cowgirl is already the 13th album by Canadian country chick Eli Barsi. Her music is quite traditional and often takes sidesteps into western swing and occasional into Rockabilly as well. Eli grew up on a farm in the prairies of Saskatchewan and thus she knows what se is talking about when singing about the Prairie Skies. But although she goes deep into the traditional sound, Eli is not afraid to use some modern sounds as well. You can hear these sounds on tunes like Hitch Your Wagon To A Stars or on Hitch Your Wagon To A Star. But in general you get a good and familiar country sound out of this Portrait of a cowgirl and this is exactly what we are after, isnít it. Check also for God Only Knows with a quite traditional folk sound, the rockabilly like tune Big Hat No Cattle and Country Music Was Made For Saturday Night.

Portrait of a Cowgirl is must have country album from the Canadian beauty Eli Barsi and donít forget to check out her site as well, since Eli is into other things as well.

Mr. Blue Boogie