The Backtrack Blues Band : Way Back Home Ė Cd;FlamingcheeseRecords;
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Style : Blues
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Hailing from Tampa Bay, Fl, the Backtrack Blues Band presents their fifth album, way Back Home. The band can be considered as seasoned, since their debut dates back to 1990, but their sound isnít seasoned at all. They bring a good electric blues sound that pays tribute to both the chicago blues as to the westcoast blues. Way Back Home comes with ten tunes of which six are self penned. Amongst the renditions youíll find Your Funarel My Trial and Checkiní on my Baby both orignal from Sonny Boy Williamson III. Another cover that is included on this album is Baby Please donít go. This version is not really the best Iíve heard from this tune but I have to say that at least they did something different with it. But in all honesty the best is to be found in their self penned tunes. Songs like Heavey Build Woman, Goiní To Eleuthera or Shoot My Rooster defintily are the kind of tunes you love to listen to.

The Backtrack Blues Band might not be a band that records a lot of albums, but when they do record one, you can be sure that itís a nice one and thatís all that you need to know about Way Back Home if you ask me.

Mr Blue Boogie