Lowlands and Friends : Play Townes Van Zandtís Last Set ĖCD;Route 61;TR612016009
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Style : Country
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Italian singer songwriter Lowlands has previously done an homage on Woody Guthrie and now he returns with a tribute to Townes Van Zandt. This is not a best of compilation but a song by song recap of the last ever gig Townes did. That gig was On 3rd December 1996 just four weeks before his untimely death on January 1st.
Edward Abbiati, the Anglo Italian one known as Lowlands was at that show in London, an experience that was big enough to start working on this album. Now years later and with the help of friends like Sid Griffin, Cheap Wine, Chris Cacavas, Antonio Gramentieri, Rod Picott, The Lucky Strikes, Kevin Russell and others, Abbiati and his band delivers a 14 track album filled with some great tunes Townes played that night. In between Edward Abbiati tells about the experience, the songs or the guests on this album. A truly great idea and original concept. And while a bit morbid if you ask me the end result is a great album that certainly delivers. Donít hesitate to pick that one up.

Mr. Blue Boogie