Jessie Smith : Like the Sun - CD;
Album kindly submitted by Micheal J Media
Style : Americana
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Jessie Smith hails from Nashville but brings music that is not your typical Nashville sound. Like the Sun is de debut full length for this lady who’s swampy but soulful voice is without doubt a
Hell of trademark if you ask me.

Leading track “Lighting up the world” is a blues tune that immediately shows how good Jessie can handle that soulful voice. On “Junkyard God” and “Pay No Mind”, she’s going a bit more into the alternative Rock, Alt country sound while on “Trouble” we find again a blues/country sound. More blues orientated music can be found on “Secrets in the Hollow” and “In The Morning”.

While Jessie takes on different genres she’s all about self-love, marriage and authenticity in her lyrics? Furthermore she also has a passion for body acceptance and mental health. Having had an eating disorder when she was younger, Jessie had a long healing journey and a lot of first hand experience on that matter. All this of course reflects in here song writing.

Like the sun is a nice album that wonderful works in the early hours of the day. Ideal to start your day or as a companion on the breakfast table.

Mr Blue Boogie