Mojo Monkeys : Swerve On – CD;Medikull Records
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Blues
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Labels don’t stick easily to the Mojo Monkeys, a groove greasing Los Angeles trio of veteran musicians who filter swampy New Orleans grooves, Bakersfield honky tonk and Texas swing through distinctly Angeleno sensibilities. Their third album, ”Swerve On”, testifies to the improvisational verve that makes their shows such infectious, dance floor packing fun.

Listening to the Mojo Monkeys make you wonder where these guys have been hiding in the past years? They truly are capable of playing different genres and styles that range from ZZ-top like rockers towards the blues of Jimmie Vaughan and his band. They are indeed a good blues bands with lots of influences coming of decades of blues music but next to that they can do that little extra as well. Take for instance the first 2 songs on this album. For some reason, the first two tunes are in total contrast with the rest of the album. No blues here, but good old-fashioned rockabilly and country. Nothing wrong with that of course but I was a bit surprised as I expected something rawer at first. However from the third tune on, the band changed style completely and treats us on nine excellent blues songs.

“Swerve on” might not be the best album around; it is truly one of the best I have heard in the past year, with some catchy tunes, addictive hooks and a whole lot of fun this band know what it is to make good music and have fun. Highly recommended.

Mr Blue Boogie