Kelsea Ballerini : Unapologetically – CD,Black River Entertainment, BRE-2017-1
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Country
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Ok I admit it; this is one of my guilty pleasures. Country Pop is not always (not to say never) taken seriously in our part of the world. Yet a lot of these tunes are really radio friendly and quite nice to listen to. Anyway while most of us will give it a laugh, I have to say that I can enjoy it from time to time. In the music of Kelsea you might discover traces of Britney Spears or Christina Aguillera on which she grew up with, but since she discovered Keith Urban and started to delve in the popular country music she also learned about the Dixie Chicks, Sugar Land (another one of my guilty pleasures) and Taylor Swift amongst others. Recently she recorded even some Alison Krauss tunes.

Unapologetically might sound to poppy for most of you and while songs like “Miss Me More”, “End Of the World” or title song “Unapologetically” will make you think twice about my musical taste you can’t deny the fact that this album is well crafted, good produced and comes with a radio friendly sound. So please forgive me my friends, but from time to time, I dig this kind of music!

Mr Blue Boogie.