Cina Samuelson : Sweet Mama, Elvis and Me ĖCd, CCM
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Country
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From Sweden comes the new Cina Samuelson CD single, Sweet Mama, Elvis and Me. Cina grew up with country records from her family, as there was not that much country music to listen to on the national radio. However it took here some years before she started to sing and write country music herself.

With already four full albums released this new single is hopefully the sign fans were waiting for. Title track Sweet Mama, Elvis and Me is a nice country rocking tune that makes us all want to dance while on the virtual flip side How Long is Forever Cina brings a another self penned tune in the classic style.

As said before this might be the sign fans are waiting for and itís now eagerly waiting for that new album to come out. In the meantime you can dig your own collection and enjoy the older albums once more.

Mr. Blue Boogie