Kate Campbell : Damn Sure Blue – CD;Large River Music
Style : Country
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On the new album Damn Sure Blue, Kate Campbell turns to the man in black for her inspiration.
Johnny Cash inspired tons of musicians already and with Kate Campbell he can add one more to his list. Well in a matter of speech of course as we have no idea what the man in black is doing right now, if he is doing something at all.

Two tunes on this eleven song-release are Cash classics (“The Ballad of Ira Hayes” & “Forty Shades of Green”) but even the self penned tunes bare a Cash signature somehow. Listen to leading track “Damn Sure Blue” or “Long Slow Train” and you’ll agree with me the ghost of Cash has taken over Kate Campbell. However not every tune on this album has the same atmosphere. “This, And My Heart Beside” for instance has a more classic folk approach as does “Sally Maxcy”, while tunes like “When You Come Back Home” and “The Great Atomic Power” definitely have an Americana signature.

Mr. Blue Boogie