Willam Souffreau : In My Room Ė CD; Granota 0710
Style : Blues
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We all know BlinkIt the Belgian Rockabilly Band and some of Us might know Irish Coffee the Belgian hard Rock band from the 7tís. And yes the man that connects those two bands is undoubtedly William Soffreau. Although the first Blinkit Cd was somehow disappointing, this blues album by William Souffreau isnít disappointing at all. The Cd is dating from 1994 already & I picked it up some weeks ago in the bargain bins of my favorite record shop. Can you believe it only for 1 Ä.
In My room is a very good solo album by Souffreau & he gets the help from some very famous Belgian musicians. On this album you find people like Phillipe Catherine (Jazz guitarist, worked with Marc Moulin, Charles Mingus,Stephane Grapelli,Ö) Wigbert Van Lierde (aka Wigbert) and ofcourse the ever present Luc De Clus (Irish Coffee & now also in BlinkIt)

European Blues with great potential, itís a shame no one ever discovered it.

Blue Boogie