Lori Michaels: The Lilac Testament – CD;Mother west MW0068
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Style : Country
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Lori Michaels is the bright newcomer on the hemisphere of Country music. On her debut Lori did wrote all the songs and initially would play all the instruments also. Fortunately she let go of that idea and decides to do only a handful of instruments & of course the vocals.
Concentrating her on Ukulele, piano Wurlitzer & reed organ, Lori called in some help of Steve Holley (Ex Wings), John DaRosa (Pale Horse and Rider), Ernst Adzentoivich (Flare, Plexus) and Gerald Menke to form her band.

The Lilac Testament starts with the acapella song “Take my hand” but really kicks in with the bright and almost poppy tune “Swing”. Filled with acoustic guitar & and a pedal steel, this is a tune that attracts my attention from the very first note and manage it to keep it there for the rest of the song. Lori’s nice voice blends wonderful with the steel pedal creating a brilliant melody. On “Beautiful girl” the elements from the previous track are here again, and sure the magic works once more.

Following are some ballads and even a duet with John DaRosa on “Home”, but on “Don’t Believe in love” we are treated with mixture of country, folk and pop for some more Lori Michaels magic. “Note to self” brings again a fragile side of her that we also can discover on “The important things” or on “How Long can memories last”.

To close the album, Lori reprise once more “Take my hand” but this time it’s an acoustic duet with John DaRosa. Produced by Charles Newman (of Magnetic Fields fame) this Lilac Testament is the debut Lori Michaels wanted to make. She didn’t have in mind to make a pure Country album and although she is classically trained and lives in New York for the past years, DNA comes out no matter what.
The tender side of her is showing up a couple of times and it’s that fragile, tender side of her that makes the album a bit one paced. With some good up tempo tunes, a very strong ability to write songs & play the piano one might wish for a bit more diversity on this album. Her songs are of course mainly focused around love and this might explain the many ballads that are on this album.

Mr Blue Boogie
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