SPEKTR : B/W Vs Technicolor – CD;TOC0057
Album Kindly submitted by Tocado Records.
Style : Various
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When a handful of musicians unite to make some music, but each of them has a different background, the most common thing to do is to search what interest they do share and start from there. In many cases this results in a playing all time favorites and evergreens simply because that’s the one thing to relate to, however for the Danish Band Spektr this was so not true. Instead of going through genres the band members worked on emotions and atmospheres, often including a soprano choir into their live sessions.

And be sure they know how to create atmospheres. One moment you’re on the set of an old Italian western (“That Goat Legged Fella”), while seconds later you could imagine yourself in an exotic village (“Drops O’ Curare”) laying in the shades of palm trees sipping your margarita! But be careful ‘cause you could be chased by a lost space patrol (“Micro-Caine”) or time warped (“Things that go bump in the night”) into the past where vicious mob leaders put a price on your head. However being a spy-fi hero (“The Bronson Beat”) you’ll remember all your fumetti classics (”B/W Vs. Technicolor”) well enough to escape the dangers of modern life in the past and surf back to your sandy beach on that long board of yours, doing the Electro Mambo. (Betonville)

B/W Vs. Technicolor is not surf, neither it is rock and roll, cocktail music or electronics but it is for sure a bit of everything. All tunes are written and performed by Spektr and in addition of common instruments the guys also take on some different angles in their approach to music making. Tape manipulations, circuits bends (whatever that means), synths and the aforementioned choir. Their range of used instruments is also very impressive and includes such instruments like a glockenspiel, clavinettes, banjo, horns, mandolin, cello and violin to name but a few. Master brain behind this eccentric combo is Manoj Ramdas formerly from “The Raveonettes” (best know for their hit tune Love in a trashcan) together with Hendrik Madsen (Bass), Cem Avus (Drums), Karsten Garner (Percussion) and Ale J. Storli (keyboards). The outcome is superbly weird but I love it. For sure one of the most bizarre albums that hit my mailbox in the past years and hopefully many more will follow. For those vinyl aficionados out there, B/W Vs Technicolor is also out on vinyl, which is a of course a real treat and a wet dream for yours truly.

Mr. Blue Boogie