Anette Maiburg, Joaquin Clerch, Pancjo Amat : Classica Cubana - SACD;MDG 910 1536-6,MDG
Album Kindly Submitted by Codaex - Cadenza
Style : Various
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Latin music in general has always intrigued me from a very young age! If it was the Afro-Cuban Jazz from Dizzy Gillespie, the pure mambo’s from Perez Prado or the soul Jazz by Brother Jack Mcduff, the tunes and grooves where always inspiring for me! The interest in the traditional music of Cuba, the roots if you want, came only years later, when a friend of ours introduced me to the salsa, bolero, son and other Cuban rhythms.

This Classica Cubana, takes us deep to the heart of the genre and will not please many lovers of roots music, but for the lovers of jazz, this music might be very interesting! Although the tunes on this disc might sound far away from the sounds of Jazz, many of the original artists contributed to the scene directly or indirectly. Anette Maiburg, Joaquin Clerch, Pancjo Amat pays tribute to the classic sounds of that nation that produced so many tunes and genres that we can write a complete book about it. Listen to classic tunes like “Dos Gardenias”, “Tardes De Café” or “Ensename” and enjoy the relaxing music with a good rum & cigar.

The album is presented as an audiophile CD (Super Audio CD) and comes with a nice booklet full of info plus translations of the Spanish lyrics. Mind you this is not the “Buena Vista Social club” or related music but it takes you to the roots of that scene!

Mr Blue Boogie