Too slim & the Taildraggers : Free you mind Ė CD; UND0015;Underworld Records
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Blues
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It has not been that long ago I reviewed an album of Too Slim on Billybop and now only a couple of weeks later I find yet another album of the band in my mailbox. Free Your Mind is not your standard Too Slim album but once more we do love the sound of this band.

Leading track When you love somebody has an air of the second album of Primal Scream. The style and sound from their Jailbird is quite reminiscent to this opening track! However itís not a copy or something like that, itís purely the atmosphere that comes with the tune that made me think of them. Last Train is much more blues orientated and is inspired by a story Tim Langford (aka Too slim) read in a newspaper. Last Train comes also with a lot of soul in it and according to the press release Free Your Mind is taking their blues indeed to a next level. Inspired by southern rock, infested by soul and based on standard blues the album keeps on rocking. Devil in a Doublewide comes with a more rock approach full of crunchy guitar work by Mr Too slim. Title track Free Your Mind is a bit different in approach! This is one of the many twists youíll find on this new album by the band. Been Through HellĒ brings us back to the blues rocking territories we are used to be with this band. Throw Me A Rope is without doubt one of those tunes that will end up on a MP3 collection of you Ipod. This lament is done in a tradition that would make Tom Petty jealous! Finally to close down the album gospel and blues are combined on The Light where we have Lauren Evans as guest vocalists.

Although Free You Mind doesnít sound that strong on a first listening, due to the many different styles, it is an album that grows on you after a couple of spins. Long time fans of Too Slim might be a little bit disappointed in the change of style at moments but believe it or not the album is still a great one that is worth to be in any serious blues collection!

Mr. Blue Boogie.