Henry’s Funeral Shoe – Everything’s For sale : CD;Alive Records;Alive0091-1
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Style : Roots Rock
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Two Brothers, a guitar with some pedals & a drum kit that’s all there is for “Henry’s Funeral Shoe” The music from this welsh duo is rooted deep into the blues and topped with British power blues from the seventies! Additional toppings are references to Tom Waits, Peter Green & John Spencer. These days people aren’t surprised anymore by a band like Henry’s Funeral Shoe. The time the audiences where blown away by power rock duo’s is long gone and thus if you want to succeed the next goal to achieve is quality!

The songs on Everything’s for sale are sure pure quality and shows us a certain craftsmanship that marks this duo as a standout band. Filled with licks and references to the good old days the album certainly pleases this reviewer. Take for instance “Stranger Dig” a tune that is reminiscent to early Led Zepplin. “A Long Way” might be rooted in the same blues as “Stranger dig” it surely sounds more darker and meaner. “Maria Maria” steels a guitar riff from US rockers Blue Oyster cult to start with but quickly returns to the sound they are used to. “Empty Church” the is the tune that is most appealing to me and also sounds quite commercial if you ask me. “Coming On Through” is where you hear the White Stripes and John Spencer working in a cooperative but the biggest surprise comes after nine songs. Closing down is the acoustic “Mary’s Tune”. Here the atmosphere is completely different and a reference to the folk rock of Bob Dylan is sure in place here.

Of course Henry’s Funeral Shoe will be compared by bands like the White Stripes and The Black Keys, that inevitable but in the end they will get used to that and hopefully go further working on their on own sound, one day becoming a reference themselves.

Mr Blue Boogie