Fur Dixon & Steve Werner :Travellers - Cd; G&G2009;Gras and Gravel Records
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Americana
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Here is a pair that you have to admire and if you don’t admire them, at least you have to bow you head for the twosome! Hailing from Van Nuys, California, Fur and Steve, are on the road! Seemingly coming out of nowhere they have all over the west playing on tons of festivals and contests! From banjo picking, old timers fests through bluegrass, folk and Americana happenings Fur & Steve have been there!

Travellers is the follow up album to their debut “The pearl and the Swine” and comes with 10 tracks full of good old time western influences! Stowed away under the moniker Americana this pair creates a sound that has it all. Leading track “Journey To another Side” is a western tune with some Mexican influences, while “Summer Is Gone” takes a more modern approach and is reminiscent to the Cowboy Junkies “(except for the yodelling maybe). On “Homesick for the Highway” Blues the twosome goes “old time” into some bluegrass picking, folk fiddling tune. “If I was free” is a pearl of a tune that combines airbag and banjo with great harmonies. Title track “Travellers” is there to remind us that their roots are deep in the west while “Friends around the Fire” is another feel good bonfire song.

The pair are both top notch singer songwriters and the combination of their guitar picking creates some roots road music. Filled with a lot of cowboy twang and feel good harmonies the album delivers a great soundtrack for a hot afternoon in packed dance hall with a cold Miller (or any other brand your prefer) in your hand.

Mr Blue Boogie.

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