Dan Hubbard & The Humadors : Dan Hubbard & The Humadors – CD;
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Americana
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After touring solo for a couple of years and releasing 4 albums, Dan Hubbard finally took his time to assemble a group to accompany him! Hubbard and The Humadors classify them selves as Rock and Roll but in all truth their music is a mix of blues, soul, a little funk and old time styles.

Leading track “New Love Song” is drenched in blues but on the second tune “circles” Hubbard goes more into folk territory with a song that is clearly influenced by the sound of the counting crows. “Throwing it all away” is a more typical example of the Texas Americana sound as we can find it today. Although Hubbard is not a Texas native he certainly knows how to pick up the sound. “Where I belong” is a more of the same and makes me even think of Micky and the Motorcars. “The One You love” takes us back to the blues. A funky chopping guitar and a distant organ opens the tune and immediately takes you in the right mood. On “Long road” the guitars are rocking once more on the intro but as soon as the song really starts the edges are less sharp and only during the refrain the sharp hooks return.
“You’re all I need” is the first tune that leans a little bit toward Rock and Roll, but it never comes near the real R&R. However it is certainly one of the better tunes on the album and one that is surely a good live act. “The Good Wind” brings us back to the Americana sound I love so much. A nice gently flowing tune that keeps on running forever with some expressive singing! That’s all I need these days! Also worth your attention is “Sign” and “All This time” where you can hear the Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) influence again.

Dan Hubbard and The Humadors is a truly exceptional album that need to be heard for sure! The atmosphere is right and makes me long for Gruene Hall again and the many gigs I saw there that sounded just like this album!

Mr Blue Boogie