Steven Casper & Cowboy angst : Topanga Ranch Motel – CD;Silent City;BRCD-10
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Roots Rock
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Born in the US, but raised in Japan, Italy, Mexico and Nigeria, Steven Casper his only connection with his roots was his parents record collection! When he returned to LA at the age of 17 he started his own bad after hearing The Ramones, but little by little his style & genre shifted towards the music he learned sitting in front of the record player so many years ago! Cash, Leadbelly, Hank Williams, you know the complete lot of roots artists!

Now Steven is touring with his band in the LA club circuit and recently released the 4 track CD Topanga Ranch Hotel! A mini album on which they sound Alt.Country in the likes of The Jayhawks, Wilco and assorted acts! Opener “Through with you” is a decent Alt country rocker that is reminiscent to the aforementioned Jayhawks once to often. “Takes me Back” is really impressing and proves that this band is ready to release more! “I want to know” opens with a typical southern Rock guitar but the southern rock influences are put into the background after a while! Real Southern Boogie is to be found in the last tune of this album, “Down Home Girl”! The latter gives you also an impressing solo on fiddle by Ross Levinson next to the fine guitar work of Glen Lynskey.

Great music! Nice Tunes! Give us quickly more !

Mr Blue Boogie.