Count To fire : Songs that remind me of you – CD;
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Americana
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What better Idea can you have then to start your own band when the acts that you love never come to your town? If you can have them, become one of them they must have thought in Exeter. ‘Count To fire’ is based on that idea. Out of the minds of Will Odgers (vocals and guitar), Joe Baxter (bass and backing vocals) and Jake Chivers (drums) and heavily influenced by bands like Wilco and My Morning Jacket, comes a band that mixes Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Nick Cave and Cat Power into an unique an interesting sound. Joined by fiddle player Joe Mansfield, the combo is complete and released their first full album under the title, “Songs that remind me of you”.

On “Songs that remind me of you” you get a nice introduction in the capacities of the band. Introvert tunes, Melancholic at times, the music of Count To fire sounds dark and loaded, but are easy accessible for each of us. As well as ‘Raincoat’ as ‘Caroline’ are nice examples of this loaded atmosphere that becomes a brand for this band. On the lighter side, you have tunes like ‘Sing me a song’ and ‘Just to be with you’ but even then, the latter comes with a heavy air. Closing down with the excellent ‘Waiting on a ghost’ is just a perfect way to ends this album.

With only nine tracks on this album it is fairly possible that the band recorded only the best of the best and in many cases you are thankful for that, but when it comes to “Count to fire”, I have to admit that I would love to hear a couple of extra tunes. “Songs that remind me of you” is definitely not a party album, but rather one that sits with you when you are eager to absorb some great tunes.

Mr Blue Boogie