Will Hoge : The Wreckage – CD;Rykodisc
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Country
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The Wreckage is already the sixth album for Will Hoge, a title that couldn’t be better chosen if you ask me. Specially after the nearly fatal motor accident he was in back in 2008, where he suffered major injuries and was left with more broken bones in his body then you can imagine! The result : Eight months of revalidation, lots of surgery and an album that was on hold for months! Now with the album the finally in the stores, we all hope the tides will change for this man.

The wreckage sounds like a seasoned album by Bruce Springsteen, The Travelling Wilburys or Tom Petty for those of you who need references. Helped out with some long time friends, collaborators and musicians like Dan Baird, Pat Buchanan and Kenny Vaughan “The Wreckage” is a record that sounds perfect! Leading track “Hard to love” comes as a gently Texas Americana tune, but as soon as “Long gone” blasts out of your speakers then you know that the above mentioned names are only for a reference! Leaving these names far behind him (to be true Bruce Springsteen is a fan of this man) Hoge produces tunes and songs that are totally different then any other Nashville product you will encounter these days. The one moment he rips your heart out, the other moment he makes you fall in love again with that one person in your life! Will Hoge is indeed one of those rare artists from outside Texas that have all the qualities you’ll find in (West) Texas artists. In a market that is dominated by radio plays this album doesn’t comes with any fillers or second rated songs! However I do have my favourites and have to admit that “Higway wings” is amongst the better tunes on this album. Other wonderful tunes I really dig on this album are “Even if it breaks your heart”, “Favourite waste of time” and “Goodnight Goodbye”. The latter makes me think of the Randy Rogers band for some reason.

The Wreckage is without doubt the best album for Mr Hoge so far
and is one of the better Country albums I’ve heard this year (I know the year is still young). It comes with doses of heartbreak, rock and roll and Country and if there is a man who knows how to deliver his music, then Will Hoge is for sure. A must have in the collection!

Mr Blue Boogie.