Slowman : I’m Back – CD;SlowCd;03
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Blues
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Slowman or Svante Törngren as he is also know in his country Sweden, is back where he started. With a collection of eleven thrilling blues songs on his new album Slowman is finally ready to make his name as blues artist!

Svanta turned his back on music more then 20 years ago after a series of successful years as an artist! One could say that he slammed the door in the faces of the companies when he was on the brink of emerging the pub circuit and becoming one of the big shots in his country, but then again he couldn’t live with the interference of the big companies! Fortunately for all of us, Slowman as he calls himself now is back with his blues tunes and a second album that he can finally make the way he wants it to make. If his debut, the best of Slowman was a little unsure, “I’m back” take away all doubts about this man and gives us a collection of great, self penned tunes.

“Take your Time” is a standard blues tune, while on “Southside” you discover a more intimate man. Slowman takes on the rocking approach in the blues/pop rocker “Better Believe”. A tune that throws some comparisons with bands like of “Southside Johnny” or “Tom Petty”. “Roses and Wine” is again a down tempo song where he gives the leads to Sheraye Esfanyari. “The Silent Years” takes us back to the basics of the blues and for “Soul for Rent” he take a sidestep to the funky blues genre. More funky blues is heard on the next tune, “Stepping Out”. “Me and the Blues” closes down this album an in the most appropriate manner.

I’m Back is very enjoyable album with a couple of different sides and sub-genres taken form the greater blues genre! A truly pleasing album.

Mr Blue Boogie