Born 53 : Foreign Accent – CD;Big Note Production
Album Kindly submitted by Hemifran
Style : Blues
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Blending blues with original songs drenched in roots-music “Born 53” is hailing from Sweden where they manufacture their fragile but interesting tunes! With a majority of self-penned tunes and a handful of covers Foreign Accent is already the fourth album for this band.

Fifteen tunes about US Roots, Immigration, the Devil and global politics amongst others mark this new album! Next to the self-penned tunes you’ll find some renditions of Bob Dylan, The Band and George Harrison. From the latter comes the half psychedelic tune “The Holdup” while “Don’t Do it” was originally performed by Marvin Gaye, but is without doubt best known in the version of the Band. “Million Dollar Bash” is of course the Bob Dylan tune you can expect on this album. From their own vault comes some interesting tunes as well. “The Loop” is an instrumental tune with a very fragile melody. A tune that certainly keeps hanging in your head for a while. “To Deal With the Devil” brings us some fine slide guitar While “Trading attitudes” throws in a more poppy atmosphere. More instrumental madness can be found on “Mr. Grunt’s Blues” a truly great and nice blues workout.

The general tone on this album is certainly not a positive one! The bright colors of the lady on the cover are in contrast with the bleak photography of the back ground and that’s exactly how the album feels! The music is often vivid and gives you a cheered up mood, but once you start to listen to the lyrics there’s nothing the cheer up anymore. The total outcome however is very interesting and tempts me to hit replay once more! However this time I’ll will sit down with a whiskey to enjoy it again.

Mr. Blue Boogie.