Nancy K Dillon : Roses Guide To Time Travel – CD;RRR222;Rose Rock Records
Style : Americana
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Having Grown Up in Oklahoma, just 6 blocks away from the Route 66, Nancy K Dillon comes from a musical family with roots in the dusty plains of Oklahoma. Roses Guide to Time Travel is the much anticipated and long awaited follow up for her 2004 Debut “Just Let Me Dream”.

A showcase for her authentically Ookie roots and an intelligent take on Americana music are the main ingredients for this album that brings a mixture of contemporary bluegrass, traditional Americana and some folk inspired tunes. Among the better tunes on this album are tracks like “Last Town on the Line”, “Desert Song”, “Looks Like Rain” and “New Train”.
The main ingredients on this album are trains, depot stations, aging rock stars and fading beauty! Add to that a murder ballad and the picture is complete. Next to the enigmatic voice of Mss Dillon, you’ll find some very interesting musicians lending a hand as well! Amongst them you’ll find Chris Parks (Any Trouble), Gavin Sutherland (Sutherland Brothers & Quiver) and Danny Barnes (Bad Livers) to name but a few! All this creates a mature and soulful Americana sound with big influences from both bluegrass & folk that longs for an extra spinning in the end.

Roses Guide To Time Travel is a well accomplished effort with eleven self penned tunes. It was worth waiting for this follow up album, although six years is really a bit to long if you ask me! I truly hope that we won’t have to wait over another half decade for the next album, in the meantime Mss Dillon announced an extensive tour on both sides of the Ocean.

Mr. Blue Boogie.