Kim Richey : Wreck Your Wheels – CD;Lojinx;LJXO23
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Style : Americana
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Forget about all the labels, the genres and styles you heard of for once! Instead try to focus on the music! There is good and bad music as Duke Ellington once said, and Wreck your wheels certainly is good music!

But since you want me to tag it, I have to say Wreck Your Wheels is a collection of cotemporary songs that hold the middle between Americana, Alt-Country and Pop. Leading track and album title “Wreck Your Wheels” is amongst the better tunes on this sixth album of Kim Richey. Together with “Leaving 49” the songs are really appealing her audience! Tender, Poetic with a moderate beat the music of Kim Richey transport you to her world, where words paint pictures and melodies reach out to your soul. “Keys” is a soulful ballad, while “When The Circus Comes to Town” throws in a big amount of blues influences. However it is in “Once in your life” my interest is woken again! This time it are the lyrics that are appealing to me! It’s plain simple in this song! “You can count all your money, scrimp and save, what’s it gonna get you at the end of the day” sings Richey and she’s damn right! There is more to life that lock yourself up and watch you children grow old! This is truly a lady to my heart! Someone who embrace live and try to enjoy it! Living proof of that is Mrs Richey herself, who is a former teacher who quit her job and decided that she wanted to do something different, something truly worth while!

“Wreck Your Wheels” is one of those lazy Sunday afternoon albums that wonderfully fits with a lounge seat, a cold beer and yesterdays papers! No worries, no hurries cause “Once in your life” it’s time to relax and enjoy the music!

--- Pat ---